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[S2E5] Breakage

Discussing the meth theft with Walt, Jesse argues that they need to accept a little "breakage" as the cost of doing business. Meanwhile, back at the White residence, Walt shows Skyler the crumpled cigarette package he retrieved from the toilet, and accusingly asks if she knows anything about it. Skyler later admits to having smoked three-and-a-half cigarettes before disposing of the pack and says that of course she feels ashamed. Walt says it's unlike her, but Skyler dismisses this, asking, "How would you know?".

[S2E5] Breakage

Badger, Skinny Pete, and Combo proceed to sell meth throughout the city. Things go smoothly until Skinny Pete finds himself held at knife-point by a pair of junkies who steal his meth and his money. Walt confronts Jesse about the matter: while Jesse tries to write off the loss as "breakage", Walt demands he take action.

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