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Ragini MMS (2011): A Bollywood horror thriller starring Rajkummar Rao and Kainaz Motivala. It is about a couple who go to a haunted house for a romantic getaway and encounter paranormal activities.

Sheesha Movie In Hindi Mp4 Download: How to Watch This Thrilling Film Online

Are you a fan of psychological erotic thrillers? Do you love movies that keep you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns? Do you want to watch a movie that features a stunning performance by Neha Dhupia in a double role? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should definitely check out Sheesha movie in Hindi mp4 format.

Sheesha Movie In Hindi Mp4 Download

Sheesha is an Indian Hindi-language film that was released in 2005. It was directed by Ashu Trikha and produced by Guddu Dhanoa and Sunil Saini. It stars Neha Dhupia, Sonu Sood, Eilidh MacQueen, Nijju Mavani, Nares Ngamseera, Vivek Shaq, and Robert Slater. The film's plot is inspired by the Tamil-language film Vaali (1999).

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Sheesha movie in Hindi mp4 download. We will explain what the movie is about, why you should download it in mp4 format, how to download it legally and safely, how to convert it from other formats to mp4 format, and how to enjoy it on your devices. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about Sheesha movie in Hindi mp4 download.

What is Sheesha Movie About?

Sheesha movie is a story of twin sisters Sia and Ria who have a very different personality and lifestyle. Sia is a successful businesswoman who lives in Bangkok with her deaf and mute sister Ria who suffers from a neurological disorder. Sia meets Raj Oberoi, a handsome and charming man who falls in love with her. Sia decides to marry Raj so that he can take care of Ria while she travels to the United States for her business expansion.

However, Sia does not know that Ria has a dark secret. Ria is obsessed with Raj and wants to take Sia's place in his life. Ria pretends to be Sia and seduces Raj whenever Sia is away. She also plots to kill Sia and frame Raj for her murder. Will Sia discover Ria's evil plan before it is too late? Will Raj find out the truth about Ria and Sia? Will Ria succeed in her wicked scheme? These are some of the questions that will keep you hooked to Sheesha movie till the end.

Sheesha movie is a thrilling film that explores the themes of love, betrayal, deception, obsession, and revenge. It has a lot of suspense, drama, romance, and action. It also has some steamy scenes between Neha Dhupia and Sonu Sood that will spice up your viewing experience. The film's music is composed by Sen Brothers and features songs like "Assi Ishq Da Dard", "Yaar Ko Maine", and "Mujhe Jeena Sikha Do Na". The film's cinematography is done by Nirmal Jani and captures the beautiful locations of Bangkok and Pattaya.

The Plot

The plot of Sheesha movie is as follows:

  • Sia and Ria are twin sisters who live in Bangkok. Sia is a successful businesswoman who runs a fashion house. Ria is a deaf and mute girl who suffers from a neurological disorder that makes her behave like a child. Sia loves Ria and takes care of her like a mother.

  • Sia meets Raj Oberoi, a wealthy and handsome man who owns a chain of hotels. Raj falls in love with Sia and proposes to her. Sia accepts his proposal on the condition that he will take care of Ria while she travels to the United States for her business expansion.

  • Raj agrees to Sia's condition and moves in with her and Ria. He treats Ria with kindness and affection. He also hires a doctor named Dr. Bakshi to treat Ria's condition.

  • Ria, however, is not happy with Sia's marriage. She is secretly obsessed with Raj and wants to take Sia's place in his life. She pretends to be Sia and seduces Raj whenever Sia is away. She also plots to kill Sia and frame Raj for her murder.

  • One day, Sia returns from her trip earlier than expected and catches Ria in bed with Raj. She confronts Ria and slaps her. Ria retaliates by stabbing Sia with a knife. She then calls Raj and tells him that Sia has attacked her.

  • Raj rushes home and finds Sia lying in a pool of blood. He thinks that she is Ria and tries to save her. He takes her to the hospital where she is declared dead.

  • Raj is arrested for Sia's murder. He pleads innocent but no one believes him. He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

  • Meanwhile, Ria assumes Sia's identity and takes over her business and property. She also marries Raj's brother Rohit who is unaware of her true identity.

  • However, Sia is not really dead. She survives the stab wound and goes into a coma. She is taken to another hospital by Dr. Bakshi who knows the truth about Ria.

  • After two years, Sia regains consciousness and learns about what happened to her and Raj. She decides to take revenge on Ria and expose her evil deeds.

  • Sia contacts Raj in prison and tells him that she is alive. She also tells him that Ria is the one who killed her and framed him. Raj is shocked and relieved to hear from Sia.

  • Sia then disguises herself as a journalist named Nisha Sharma and infiltrates Ria's life. She befriends Ria and Rohit and gathers evidence against Ria.

  • Sia also meets Raj's lawyer Mr. Khanna and gives him proof of Raj's innocence. Mr. Khanna files an appeal for Raj's release.

  • Raj is freed from prison and reunites with Sia. They plan to expose Ria in front of everyone.

  • Sia invites Ria and Rohit to a party at her house where she reveals her true identity to them. She also shows them a video recording of Ria confessing her crimes.

  • Rohit is shocked and disgusted by Ria's actions. He slaps her and disowns her.

  • Raj confronts Ria and accuses her of ruining his life. He tells her that he never loved her and only loved Sia.

  • Ria realizes that she has lost everything. She becomes enraged and tries to kill Sia with a gun.

  • Raj intervenes and tries to stop Ria from shooting Sia.

  • A struggle ensues between Raj and Ria over the gun.

  • The gun goes off accidentally and shoots Ria in the chest.

  • Raj drops the gun in shock.



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