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The Thorn Birds REPACK

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The Thorn Birds

Oh my goodness!!! I am SUCH A HUGE FAN of the Thornbirds! Seriously, I saw your post and sighed. I, like you, am thankful my parents didn't censor my reading for this very reason. You said that beautifully. We may not have understood it all, nor needed to at that point (I read it at 17), but we did understand the complex layers that made up these people. As an adult, I often rewatch this mini-series. Honestly, Richard Chamberlain in Thornbirds and Shogun was my early Richard Armitage! :)

It just goes to show how powerful curses are eg when Mary Carson said she would make Ralphs life hell even if she lost her own soul over it. we need to be very careful what we say to other people as the tongue is a very powerful weapon. In fact I think there is something in the bible which bears that out in the book of James about the tongue being a world of evil and is set on fire by hell. This is what the Thorn birds is all about to me.

Hi! I am french and i read the book"the thorn birds"or "les oiseaux se cachent pour mourir"in french long ago and i don't believe in Mary Carson's predictions..i think that Ralph could have made a choice at Mary's death but he was unable to make a choice between Meggie and the church and he destroyed himself,he created his own hell! Nobody needs another human being to be unhappy..we have the power to create our happiness or hell and Ralph chose hell.It is very easy to understand.Meggie waited for him a long time and i'm not sure a woman could wait so long nowadays for the man she would love.No! I think that God gave us freedom and Ralph like Meggie used this freedom in a very bad way..this novel cannot be remade but if i were Meggie i wouldn't be so patient sorry! i would have told Ralph not to see me again if he wanted to leave when he joined her on Matlock island.It is exaggerated that she was glad to see him again later..

Speaking of thorns, where there are prickly-pear flowers, there will be hummingbirds. So I will leave you with a Violet-crowned Hummingbird and a pair of Broad-billed Hummingbirds.

At the beginning of the book, McCullough informs readers that she derived the book's title from the thorn bird myth. According to McCullough, the thorn bird spends its entire life tirelessly searching for a thorn tree. Once the tree is located, the thorn bird impales itself on its thorns and sings a beautiful song as it dies. McCullough adds that this is the first and only time that the thorn bird will sing. 041b061a72


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