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Download Video Downloader 5040 Zip

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Download video downloader 5040 zip

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When I upgraded to FireFox 13 my RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin was disabled as being unsafe and unstable. Now I can't download videos I watch with RealPlayer. When I Enable the Plugin, I can't watch the video (I get a blank video screen). So how do I Download and Record the videos I want like those on Planet Pulse by Rick Levine or other sites with recordable videos? I have downloaded and installed the latest version of RealPlayer and they say I will be able to download videos but I can't. Is this problem also related to this disabled Plugin?

The Adobe problem only involves Firefox . You can view videos and download them with RealPlayer download button if you don't want to do the rollback. You can even leave the RealPlayer extension disabled (if that allows you to see videos) and use another browser to download (just copy and paste the video URL onto the address bar) and the RealPlayer download button will work.

John99: I did exactly what you suggested but Flash Player 10 simply does not load on my system, even with the debugger, whatever that is for. When I went back to my Planet Pulse site I got a FireFox message that additional add ons were necessary to show the video. When I clicked install, I got the latest Flash Player 11 version you suggested. So I'm still stuck - I can't download videos using RealPlayer. However, I downloaded a free app called BestVideoDownloader for YouTube videos and that takes care of my Planet Pulse downloads because they are YouTube videos. As far as videos on other websites, I use FVD Suite's downloader. Maybe FireFox and RealPlayer, not just Adobe, can come up with a RealPlayer downloader Add-on that works. This problem just occurred with the latest release of FireFox Desktop when it disabled my RealPlayer Browser Record (Downloader) Plugin Extension. If anyone else comes up with solutions, please post them. I will Thank You most graciously! My problem is not viewing videos but downloading them easily.

John99: Yes, Adobe confirms I am using 11.3.300.262 Flash. I disabled all other video extensions/plugins and Flash Player plays my videos everywhere including YouTube. With Flash Player and Real Player software everything still plays except that I can't download any videos. I enabled the RealPlayer downloader (Browser Record Plugin 15.0.4) and immediately I could not view any videos at all, except for a few on YouTube. They downloaded but would not replay in RealPlayer. I got a message that Real needed to download additional software. So I clicked Download but got a message that Real couldn't find the software, which was Detailed as being Content Type: video/webm. I don't know what this content is. So I disabled RealPlayer downloader (Browser Record Plugin) and I can see my videos again, but I can't download them using the RealPlayer DOWNLOAD button because it doesn't appear - it is some function of the Browser Record Plugin. So I'm back to the conflict between FireFox 13 and RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin 15.0.4 where I can't download videos using RealPlayer.

I had the current version of the player downloaded already and removed it to install the 11.2 version as Adobe suggested. That did not solve the problem either. I just updated the player to the current version and the "download now" button is still not present. The videos play perfectly well however.

This is where I am right now and I can Download my Planet Pulse videos but still have a problem on YouTube and Bloomberg Video. I downloaded RealDownloader 1.1.0 which duplicates some of the Real Player functions which includes a download function (Browser Record Plugin, an update from the Record Plugin 15.0.4 disabled by FireFox). However this included Record Plugin doesn't function with FireFox so I had to install a separate program RealDownloader. I still have more steps to take now that I have uncovered part of the problem which you supposed - a compatibility problem with Flash's 11.3 Protected Mode. But I don't quite understand their instructions: "Once the compatibility issue has been resolved, you will have to repeat these steps and delete this line to re-enable protected mode. Re-enable the Downloader Plugin". It seems that re-enabling the Flash protected mode will again cause the problem with the Downloader Plugin, but I'm not there yet. I'll let you know my results after I check some more sites with videos and try to download them.

Installing Adobe Flash Player 11 Version per cor-el's Reply solved my problem. BUT Please READ the rest of this POST. My problem is definitely the compatibility problems caused by Adobe Flash Player's newest release 11.3.300.262 and its Protected Mode. I read their comments about compatibility at the links John99 provided above and note their need to protect Flash from malicious SWF file attacks. But I don't download many videos and those I do come from trusted sites. So I won't upgrade to Adobe's latest Flash Player version until this compatibility issue with Real Player Downloader (called RealDownloader is solved. >>>NOTE: As you install Adobe's Flash Player 11.2 you get a short screen asking you to choose 1 of 3 Options about future installations of Adobe Flash Player - Don't choose Adobe's Recommendation of Option 1: Automatically Install Future Updates as they become available. This "auto update" will re-install Flash Player 11.3 with its Protected Mode and your Download problem starts all over again! Choose Option 2 which will inform you that an update is available and gives you the choice of installing it or not. I am waiting until Adobe/RealPlayer/Mozilla all sort out this video Download/Protection incompatibility problem!

Thanks for the Solution that cuts through all the FireFox/Adobe "recommendations"! One item you forgot was to go to and find the RealDownloader 1.1.0 add-on Extension for FireFox and download it. I installed Real Player (the latest update) and it has its own Downloader included which is supposed to pop-up the Download This Video tab for you. The Download This Video tab doesn't work for some reason with FireFox 13.0.1 and Real Player Support gives RealDownloader as a solution. This combination WORKS! Now I have 1 click video download ease!

Thanks for your comments. Glad I could help. But I didn't forget. The RealDownloader should not be necessary. The "Download this video" button definitely works and should appear with Firefox 13.0.1 and other people said it's working also, just like I said. Remember, it was in fact working normally with any version before the infamous Adobe 11.3. You definitely have the right version of RealPlayer. But are you positive you remembered to follow my instruction to enable the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension in Firefox's Add-ons Manager under Extensions? Remember, Firefox is disabling it by default - (although it didn't for me, just said it's known to cause security or stability problems). It's a "soft block" so you can definitely enable it (the Blocklist specifically says so and I've tested it). What I explained is correct. RealPlayer should be working perfectly without having to download the RealDownloader.

Also, did you check that the "download this video" setting is enabled in RealPlayer? RealPlayer button upper left" >Preferences,> download and recording,>"download this video",choose one of first two options,( the third disables it except on right click), don't forget to click OK.(Yeah, I once forgot that).

I may have another clue for you if the extension is enabled. Five months ago, after a Firefox update, there was a one week delay in updating the compatibility of the Record Plugin extension. (That's definitely not the case now, though. I've had no problems with the button appearing and working). When the compatibility was updated, I posted the instructions to get it. Fifteen people said it worked in the first half hour,except one - a doctor, no less. I noticed he kept calling RealPlayer "Real Video". He said the Record extension was greyed out with no "enable" button.So I asked him to check the exact name of it 'cause that's not what it's called and that I wasn't just splitting hairs on the name. Sure enough, he finally realized that he had installed the "Real Video Downloader" (that's what he called it) and it conflicted with the RealPlayer extension until he uninstalled it, restarted his computer, reinstalled RealPlayer and the download button worked! I'm trying to check on the exact name of that thing but I think we're talking about the same stand alone video downloader from but their server is down now - probably for maintenance . I'll try again later today. But I did find a reference for it and it is called the RealDownloader with the same version number that you gave.

@CheckMate: I greatly appreciate your Reply and am following it. When I uninstalled RealDownloader, my Download This Video disappeared again. So I uninstalled Flash Player, recommended by cor-el to use instead of Flash Player 11.3.300.262 which causes the problem by Protection, and installed Flash Player recommended by you using your link. I re-booted my PC and now I have 1 click RECORDING (Downloading) of videos again! I also had to uninstall and re-install my Real Player again too. The RealDownloader was interfering with it even after I uninstalled RealDownloader. Now I get a FF Message with Real Player's downloader extension (included in the Real Player program that it "causes security and stability issues". So far I haven't seen any such issues. But I can download my videos and don't need the additional RealDownloader program!!!! 041b061a72


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