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Buy Max For Live

Trumpeter and technologist Jeff Kaiser offers several free devices that have emerged from his own creative practice including devices for live looping and interfacing with controllers like the Push and the Keith McMillan Softstep.

buy max for live

It's also possible to route control in the opposite direction, taking live camera input and using it to affect Live parameters. MotionMod by Robert Jarvis (Zealtv) uses successive images captured from the camera to detect motion: the more movement it sees, the greater the modulation level applied to the target device.

A simple plugin/patch: it uses delay lines to grab your audio input, either live or sample, and reverse it along with changing the speed, pan, and volume of the reversed bit if you want. Works great in Ableton Live or Max.

Max is there if someday you want to get into it. But by baking Max into Ableton Live, Ableton also are giving you access to the ecosystem stuff Max users create. Max has acquired a deep set of tools for synthesis, effects processing, sequencing patterns, and even adding live video and 3D and interfacing with hardware and robotics. All of those capabilities are now available inside Ableton Live, which is far more than what something like the VST or Audio Unit plug-in format can provide. And yes, that means you could even, for example, make a device that checks the Internet for the weather outside and adjusts a reverb accordingly - or that controls a robotic arm to fist-pump along to your song.

GMaudio Dvolve Drumatix combines multiple effects that you can add to any drum bus. Distortion, filters, bitcrusher, EQ, expander, compressor, reverb - ideal for thickening and livening dull drum parts.

Stokes and Weights are two companion sequencers - one for creating Euclidean polyrhythms (a kind of symmetrical rhythm that sounds really good in techno), and one for doing even more with modulation using the same. Together, you can do crazy things with drums and melodies, in production or performance. (I did a long write-up/review of this one, as well. -euclidean-drum-sequencer-max-for-live/ )

The most important exploratory section is the random area. The purpose here was to make it so you had EXTREME control over what settings you want considered for Random. In addition, I have added a preset section to the random area outside of live so you can save some quick presets that you can switch between.

BrainCandy lets you create live visuals and music videos without leaving Ableton Live or studying video production. Drag in videos, GIFs, and images -- or turn on any connected camera -- and apply BrainCandy's suite of audio-reactive visual effects to quickly make HD visuals that go with your music. 041b061a72


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