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"Rebel" Heart Burned(2021)

The first season will see Rebel, who is inspired by the real-life Erin Brockovich, try to take down Stonemore Medical Corporation for manufacturing faulty heart valves that have killed or grievously injured hundreds (if not thousands) of people. Despite being told by multiple people, including her boss and best friend Julian Cruz (Andy Garcia), that the case is unwinnable, Rebel refuses to back down from the fight, even when it pushes those closest to her to the brink. On top of trying to bring down Stonemore Medical, she's also trying to save every embattled person she meets, which leaves little time for her latest marriage. By the end of the pilot, Rebel finds out that her third husband, Grady (John Corbett), is planning to file for divorce.

"Rebel" Heart Burned(2021)

What does this show look like on a week-to-week basis if the heart valve case is her big arc? Krista Vernoff: The Stonemore Medical Corp. case is the long arc case for the whole season, but every week Rebel and Lana have these sort of -- we refer to them in the writers' room as like "the vigilante cases." Rebel has these people who she works with sometimes for free, sometimes for pay. Lana says in the pilot, "Sometimes we do work for free. Sometimes we work for pay, sometimes we do it for fun. Yours is fun." They help people. And sometimes the people that they're helping are people that they need in service of the Stonemore case. Sometimes they're not. It's unrelated, but the need to help people exact justice is profound enough that it distracts them from the Stonemore case. Every episode is a lot of fun. Every episode is twisty and turny. They're fighting for sort of cases of the week, in addition to the long arc case.

While Rebel is visiting Helen in the hospital, the doctors receive an email not to perform her surgery to remove the faulty heart valve. She owes the hospital $150,000 in past medical bills that must be paid before her surgery, even though the doctor is performing it pro bono.

Dr. Nelson notices deterioration in the heart valve, but when she goes to pick it up to study it, the valve is missing from the hospital. It turns out Angela listened to the phone call between Cruz and Rebel and went to the hospital to steal the heart valve.

The male power structure of the church was threatened by these assertions and tried to shut them down, but the sisters knew their hearts, their power and their worth. In one day, 200 nuns left their positions at Catholic schools. The church responded by closing the poorer schools and trying to blame it on the nuns.

It is heartening to read about the documentary and important to note at the time the decisions were made in a world view different then today. It was a time of pause, desire for change and a willingness to risk.

The rebel group, which consists of former soldiers and Hutu militiamen behind the genocide, has waged wars against other armed groups and the government and is believed to be at the heart of instability in the region, observers say. 041b061a72


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