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Revitalash Buy Online

"This is a victory not just for our company, but for all brands whose intellectual property is infringed upon online. It sends a clear message that retailers need to take responsibility for the actions of their third-party vendors and do more to prevent counterfeiting on their sites," said Lori Jacobus, President of Athena Cosmetics. "We are proud of our team for fighting tirelessly to protect our brand."

revitalash buy online


We appreciate every patient that registers on our online store, and to show our appreciation we reward you for every purchase and engagement with our online store. Register for an account and start earning Rewards points today!

RevitaLash offers clinically proven conditioning treatments to strengthen and nourish eyelashes, and RevitaBrow is for treatign the brows, enhancing flexibility by hydrating and transforming fine, fragile and brittle hairs so that they look fuller and more lustrous. Revitalash makeup products boast over 19 product awards and is the leading lash serum in the world with one tube sold every 33 seconds. You only need a very small amount to work, its hypoallergenic, anti microbial and non drip formula enables easy and safe application. Revitalash Cosmetics have added makeup to their portfolio, that include mascara, brow gel and eye liner to enhance your natural beauty. If you were searching where to buy Revitalash Advanced online? You have found the right place, John And Ginger is an authorised Revitalash UK stockist, so you know you are buying genuine products. Get great prices, free delivery and free skincare samples with every order.

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